I drew 5 symbols in this artwork.
The one is the Jedi emblem you are familiar with.
And the other 4 symbols were from the book, "Jedi Path".

The 4 symbols represent the towers in the 4 corners of the Jedi Temple.
I have placed these symbols near her as meaning "the JEDI itself".

My first idea was to try to draw the faces of people like Anakin and Obiwan around her - like the rocks floating around her.
However, if the design becomes too complicated, the important parts that I want you to pay attention to are blurred.
So I stopped drawing people other than Rey.

Rey continues her training in the jungle.
    Be with me...
    Be with me...
She wants to hear the voice of Jedi, feel the force of Jedi.
But at this time she could not hear their voice yet.
But I think they are right next to her, and helping her training.
Other finished image
Details / Work in progress
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